Ibdrumn Studio

studio control room

Tracks are recorded to Digital Performer using MOTU 1224’s (modified by Black Lion Audio)
and the Black Lion micro clock.

Mic preamps are by Audio Upgrades (Jim Williams)

studio drums with cymbals, microphones, monitor, and foam paddings


Bass Drum: Audix D6 or AKG D112 with a Yamaha Sub kick for the front head.

Snare: Shure SM57 or Beta 57

Toms: Shure SM98s

Overheads: Hot rodded AKG 414s
Hi Hat: AKG C91

studio drums and cymbals from player perspective

I record using DW drum sets, Paiste Cymbals, and an extensive collection of modern and vintage snare drums.

studio drum kit showing all drums and cymbals and seat

If the composer, artist or writer is unable to come to my studio, files can be exchanged using my ftp site or dropbox. Once the drums have been recorded, I will send the individual tracks back recorded flat so you can balance and EQ the drums to fit the song.

I can also include a set of tracks processed (EQ, gates and compression) giving the client the option of using either.

studio electronic drum kit by Roland with dw 9000 kick pedal

Sequenced drums and percussion is also an option. Using Toontrack Superior drums, Kontakt 4, Motu Mach 5 libraries, and other third party sound pallets, there are endless choices.

Studio basic electric kit