Drum Lessons

The good thing about playing drums or any musical instrument is there is always something new to learn. That is also the bad thing, one is never finished. If you love music and the feeling you get when performing then we become eternal students. My philosophy as a teacher is to supply the student with a solid foundation of fundamental technique and to broaden their musical horizons with a wide variety of drumming styles that they may not be familiar with. My teaching method is derived from all the drummers with whom I have studied with (Joe Cusatis, Alan Dawson and Fred Gruber) and my many years of professional experience in performance and recording. I present a logical and comprehensive course of study to help each student reach their full potential.

Lessons are one hour at my studio in West Hills, CA. Although each student is different in their needs, I have found that the hour usually includes the following.

Rudiments – Let’s call that the mechanics of drumming. Breaking down every part of the stroke so the motion becomes fluid and effortless.

Technical exercises – Call it a workout. Using books such as Stick Control, Master Studies and a series by Gary Chaffee, we are able to increase control, speed and endurance.

Reading Music – Intellect. Reading music is important. It increases the opportunities available to the musician. Imperative for any school program. “How are you going to remember what I just showed you when you get home if you can’t read music?”

Playing on the Drum Set – Learning grooves, fills and general set technique needed in Rock, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Latin and other styles.

With the lessons being in a recording studio environment, time is spent listening to and playing with different tracks of music in order to learn how the drums interact with other instruments in the band and to develop an understanding of the history and traditional role of the drum set.

For the student looking to advance in their school jazz band program, I have a unique course of study that includes learning how to read and play big band charts, and how to set up figures and do fills.

Whether you are an advanced drummer needing to sharpen your skills or a beginning student wanting to start out right. Contact me and we can work out a program best suited for you.

Skype drum lessons can also be arranged with payment being made through paypal.

Contact me for rates and available times.